Linking Instructions for Colleges and Public Libraries

General Guidelines

By linking to Discus databases, all colleges and public libraries are required to:

  • Ensure that your web links facilitate access to ALL of the Discus databases
  • Identify which databases are provided by Discus and give credit to "Discus, South Carolina's Virtual Library"
  • Incorporate the Discus logo in some manner on the relevant web page(s).

A variety of Discus logos and database logos are available for your use. Database descriptions are also available for your convenience.

Link to Discus Website

You may link to the Discus home page for your database access. However, this will prevent your library from receiving accurate or complete statistical reports showing database usage made by your institution/users and will limit your ability to customize the databases in certain ways.

Database-Specific Linking Instructions

You may link directly to individual databases. Select a vendor logo below for database-specific instructions.