This interface is designed for public libraries. It provides access to the three encyclopedia products/levels licensed to Discus.

Public libraries may choose their preferred linking method.

  • Link to the Britannica Library interface page where users may select the appropriate level from three choices. 
    • Britannica Library -
  • Link separately and directly to the three individual levels. 
    • Britannica Library Children -
    • Britannica Library Young Adults -
    • Britannica Library Reference Center (for high school students through adults) -

Discus has licensed two additional children's products, but they are NOT included in the Britannica Library interface. Libraries will need to link to these resources separately:

  • Britannica Fundamentals (for PreK - 2nd grade students) -
  • Escolar (Britannica's elementary Spanish language encyclopedia) -

Britannica Online Academic Edition

This interface is designed for academic libraries. It provides access to Encyclopaedia Britannica:

  • Britannica Academic -

Recommended proxy configuration settings:







Title Britannica Academic





**Britannica recommends using “Option ProxyByHostname” if possible. Certain features of the Britannica sites are known to be incompatible with ProxyByPort.

Link to Each Individual Britannica Product Separately

Libraries may also link to each individual Britannica resource separately. The URLs are the same for both on-site and home/remote access.

  • Britannica's Animal Kingdom -
  • Britannica Fundamentals -
  • Britannica Elementary  -
  • Britannica Middle School  -
  • Britannica High School  -
  • Enciclopedia Moderna -
  • Escolar (Spanish) -

Britannica Read Aloud Technology

Britannica's Read Aloud feature, which allows users to click a button and hear a paragraph of text read out loud, is provided to all users. System administrators should be given the following information regarding the technical requirements for the Read Aloud feature.

The following Internet access must be allowed: Port 8080 must be open in order for the Read Aloud feature to function properly.

For optimal use of the Read Aloud functionality, institutions should allow these specific IPs:

  • The primary IP (currently active) is (this is at NL)
  • The backup IP (currently inactive) is (this is at DLS)

If your network blocks IP addresses, allowing these IPs should take care of any performance issues you may be experiencing.

  • Whitelist:

For further information, please contact Britannica Technical Support at (800) 621-3900 x7160 or