Join us for College Test Prep and Tutoring webinars in February

Help your patrons, students, and family members navigate ACT and SAT practice tests, lessons, and drills or learn to access real-time tutoring in our upcoming webinars.  Register for the February 9th webinar Using and Sharing - Overview for Public Libraries. Register to join us for College Admissions Test Prep using LearningExpress Library on February 11th. Register for the February 24th webinar ACT/SAT Test Prep using through Discus. Access the full Training Calendar for additional opportunities.  

New revised hours to connect to Spanish-speaking tutors in

Connect to a real-time Spanish-speaking tutor during the hours of 8:00 am - 10:00 pm (Eastern), Sunday through Saturday from through Discus - South Carolina's Virtual Library. These hours are consistent with the hours of the real-time English-speaking tutors for through Discus. Spanish-speaking tutors are available for the core subjects of math, science, and social studies.