Please contact the Discus Office if you have any questions about these instructions.

On-Campus Access

  • Each Discus-participating school should create a link on its website that directs users to the Discus page that is most useful for its users. For example:
    • the Home page (
    • the Resource List (
    • the Discus Kids page (
    • the Middle School page (
    • the High School page (
  • Discus logos are available for schools to use on their websites.
  • Schools may also create a desktop shortcut to the relevant Discus page.
  • Users of the resources at schools that do not have “static” IP addresses registered with the Discus Office will be authenticated via IP geolocation technology.
  • School should not make separate web links directly to each Discus database because the URLS change frequently.

Home Access

  • Home/off-campus access to Discus resources is made possible through two methods:
    • Geolocation technology, which operates behind-the-scenes, is designed to recognize IP addresses originating in South Carolina. Most Discus users will be automatically authenticated and allowed seamless access through this method.
    • Users who are not recognized via IP geolocation will be prompted to enter the current Discus username and password.
  • The Discus Office issues a new username and password each year (in August) and distributes this information to librarians and media specialists throughout South Carolina. This information is valid for a full year. The username and password must be entered using lower case letters.
  • Librarians, media specialists, teachers, and library staff are encouraged to share the username and password with eligible South Carolinians (see eligible users below) in person; by e-mail, telephone or fax; or through a variety of printed materials, such as bookmarks, handouts and posters.
  • The Discus username and password should NEVER be included:
    • on any website
    • in any printed publications (including school newsletters) that are also posted on a Web site
    • in any open electronic discussion list or listserv
  • In accordance with the Discus licensing agreements only South Carolina residents and non-residents enrolled or employed in participating educational institutions can access Discus resources.