Discus and Destiny Library Manager

What is Destiny Library Manager and how does it relate to Discus?
Many South Carolina public school districts use Follett Destiny Library Manager for circulation, cataloging, inventory, and other essential functions within their school libraries/media centers. Destiny Library Manager includes the One Search functionality. One Search allows students and educators to search the library catalog and multiple electronic resources at once through a federated search solution. An example of this is simultaneously searching the catalog together with numerous databases provided by Discus and those that may be provided by the individual district.  Databases used in this way must be supported with connections in One Search.

How can I configure One Search to search the Discus databases at my school?
Please refer to this instruction document: Adding Discus Resources to Follett Destiny One Search. There are many databases in the Discus collection that are provided by a variety of partners including Britannica, Credo, EBSCO, Gale, Infobase, and ProQuest. This document has specific instructions about adding the resources into One Search as well as resources that do not have a connector and cannot be included in One Search.

Is there anything further that I need to know about the supported databases and their connections?
Yes. The three EBSCO student interfaces below do not appear in the list of connections.

  • Explora for Elementary Schools
  • Explora for Middle Schools
  • Explora for High Schools

The databases that supply the periodical content of these student interfaces are listed below. These three databases are supported with connections and may be set up in One Search.

  • Select Primary Search for elementary students.
  • Select Middle Search Plus for middle school students.
  • Select Middle Search Plus and MAS Ultra for high school students.

Does One Search work with the Discus resources remotely when students and teachers are not on campus?
Follett states that One Search users "Enjoy 24/7 resource access from anywhere.”

What if I need additional help?
The Follett technical support team can assist and is reached at 1-800-323-3397. Press 1-1-1 at the prompts.