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Calling all teachers and media specialists! Tell us how you are making research fun and inviting in your classroom or media center by sending us your favorite lesson plan or activity that features Discus. We're exploring new, effective, and fun ways to teach students how easy it is to use Discus. We want students to know the difference between informed, peer-reviewed resources and the unreliable information they may find in search engines like Google. Please include any handouts, slideshows, or other tools you use.

Over 20 "Modern Marvels" Videos added to LEARN360

From jet engines to Gothic cathedrals, videos from the Modern Marvels series have been added to LEARN360. Students and patrons can learn about sports technology, the Statute of Liberty, Mt. Rushmore, motion pictures, inventions of war, and more! Teachers may create playlists and incorporate these into instruction.