Credo Reference: Discus Login Breached

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It has come to the attention of the Discus Office that the current statewide username and password for home access to the Discus resources has been published on Internet webpages and has led to unauthorized access to Credo Reference.

This is a serious matter that breaches the terms of our vendor contract and has threatened the security of the state's virtual library. It is a violation of the Discus licensing agreements to publish this information online where it is freely available to anyone. Sharing the username and password orally and through printed materials is fine and the Discus Office certainly encourages both of those avenues, but posting this information on the Internet is prohibited.

Therefore, the Discus Office has instructed Credo to disable the Discus login credentials for Credo Reference only. If teachers, students, or other users do not authenticate remotely using the geo-authentication technology that was implemented in the fall of 2014 or through your institution's proxy server or via another method established by an individual library, then they will not be able to access the resource with the current Discus username and password. The Discus Office has repeatedly requested that the login credentials not be placed on the Internet, but there are many people who did not abide by this request. Therefore, the Discus Office has no alternative but to place this limitation on this valuable resource. This happened last year as well, and it was hoped that our instructions would be followed this school year. Since this has not been the case, the Discus Office has been forced to implement this restriction. If there are any questions regarding this unfortunate but necessary measure, please contact the Discus Office at