Prepare for ACT & ACT WorkKeys Testing with LearningExpress Library

The South Carolina General Assembly passed new laws, beginning in 2015, requiring that South Carolina’s 11th grade students be administered new assessments: the ACT and the ACT WorkKeys.  The State Department of Education has made full details of the testing plan available.    The Discus resource known as LearningExpress Library has helpful materials to prepare for the tests.  The content of LearningExpress Library is organized into centers.  The ACT materials are found in the College Preparation Center and include a tutorial, numerous practice tests, and four ebooks.  The ACT WorkKeys materials are located in the Career Center and include six practice tests covering applied mathematics, locating information, and reading for information. These resources are provided at no cost to South Carolina residents.  Simply go to the Discus A-Z List of Resources and select the link for LearningExpress Library.  Once on the homepage of the product, register as a new user.  Establishing a free account, which is required, provides a personal storage space for the materials selected for use; the secure account also records progress and results during each session.  Once the account is created and the user is logged in, the account is known as My Center.  The My Center link appears on the right of the top blue navigation bar. The Discus Office is pleased to respond to questions or concerns about using LearningExpress Library.