USC Students Create LibGuide for Discus

Discus LibGuide

A group of University of South Carolina students in the School of Library and Information Science (SLIS) created a Discus LibGuide as part of an assignment in the Spring 2013 “Introduction to Information Sources and Services” course.  As easy methods of curating and sharing information on individual topics, LibGuides are used extensively by libraries around the world.

The assignment required that the LibGuide be designed for a fictional South Carolina school district in which the media specialist is promoting use of the Discus resources.  The guide promotes resources across all grade levels and is targeted to both students and teachers.  It includes helpful aids for students on creating citations and avoiding plagiarism, video tutorials on specific resources, and links to teacher tools to assist with the research process.

The Discus program is pleased to share this useful LibGuide with the K-12 community in South Carolina and thanks the following SLIS students for their contribution:  Eleanore Langley, Sheila Martin, Kinsi Near, Travis Nelson, Amy Russell, Alayna Sanders, and Sherell Stepp.