New Multimedia Highlights Valuable Discus News

The South Carolina State Library and the Discus Program are both making greater use of online technology to keep Discus users aware and informed. An example of this is the increased use of screencasting. Screencasts – recordings of actions taking place on a computer screen – effectively serve as brief tutorials that can be viewed multiple times if desired. Recent screencasts include those listed below.

Black History Month Online Resources

Discus resources for this annual February celebration are highlighted in this edition of the State Library’s Lion’s Roar.

Retrieving Discus Usage Reports

This tutorial explains the basics of retrieving usage statistics and is helpful information for staff at Discus-participating institutions who are charged with this responsibility.

Discus – A Program Overview

An easy-to-understand introduction to Discus, this recording is useful for acquainting many audiences with the benefits of using South Carolina’s Virtual Library.

Discus Overview from South Carolina State Library on Vimeo.

If you have a Discus topic with wide appeal that would lend itself well to a screencast, please contact us with your suggestion.