SmartSearching Returns to Discus

SmartSearch logo SmartSearch, the tool that enables users to retrieve information from numerous Discus-provided products with a single search, is once again available on the Discus website. Instead of searching individual products, users can select one or more topic categories and search across multiple resources at one time. SmartSearch offers the additional advantage of automatically recognizing South Carolina residents who access the resources from their homes or offices, thereby eliminating the login process.

SmartSearch is what is often called a federated search and is powered by the EBSCOhost Integrated Search product. Once a search is conducted, the results will include resources from a variety of vendors, but will be displayed on the EBSCOhost platform. Users with experience searching EBSCOhost resources will be familiar with the SmartSearch result list. Options for learning more about using SmartSearch via EBSCOhost Integrated Search include a user guide, a recorded webinar, and a full support center.

Comments and questions about SmartSearch may be directed to the Discus Office.