School Guidance Counselors Take Note: Great Updates to Ferguson’s Career Guidance Center

The Discus-provided resource known as Ferguson’s Career Guidance Center now includes amazing updates with live job postings and an updated school search.

career guidance center screenshotFerguson's job profiles provide detailed, up-to-date information about today's hottest jobs, and the new feature puts actual employment opportunities at users' fingertips. Job seekers may now select a "Find Jobs" link associated with the profile to see a list of relevant job postings drawn from thousands of online sources, including corporate Web sites, government Web sites, newspapers, job boards, and professional associations. The postings can be filtered by company, location, salary, and other criteria, and each one includes a link to the original posting. Lists of job openings are updated frequently and can be saved to a user's folder within the Ferguson’s resource itself. A two-minute video demonstration of how to locate the job postings is accessible for educators and other Discus users.

career guidance center screenshotAll four school searches in Ferguson's Career Guidance Center – undergraduate, graduate, nursing, and vocational and technical – now feature a new design with a streamlined search and more features for filtering search results. This simpler presentation makes it faster and easier than ever for users to find and sort colleges and universities that match their needs.

Both Ferguson’s Career Guidance Center and the resource known as LearningExpress Library are provided to state residents as part of the South Carolina State Library’s workforce development initiative. Try them out today!