New Explora Is Coming to Discus!

Explora screen shot

Explora is EBSCO’s new interface that is designed to replace a familiar student interface and to also provide a brand new experience for public library users.

The current student interfaces for Searchasaurus and both Student Research Centers are being replaced by Explora. Users will find that Explora delivers relevant results in easy-to-browse categories organized by popular topics. For those who need a starting point for research, topic overviews appear in the result list to provide an introduction and enable further exploration. Associated Press videos, Lexile reading level indicators, and text-to-speech functionality are all available for students via the new Explora.

Public libraries are also benefiting from this new design due to a version of Explora that is dedicated to the search habits and needs of their users.

Since Explora is an interface, institutions can select from a group of compatible databases that may be searched via Explora. Those who serve as Primary Contacts for Discus can customize Explora to make it most effective for the users at their institutions. Customizations are accomplished by logging in to the EBSCOadmin portal. The Discus Office will provide additional information about implementing Explora to institutions within the next few weeks.

To allow users to become acquainted with the new product, the Discus website will soon include links to Explora alongside the current links to Searchasaurus and the two Student Research Centers. Both sets of links will remain available during the transition period.

Explora’s colorful, mobile-friendly design is sure to become popular with a wide variety of library users. More information is found in the FAQs and in the short introductory video.