MLA 7 Citations and Discus Resources

In early 2009 the Modern Language Association (MLA) published the seventh edition of the MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers. The handbook includes advice on every aspect of completing research papers, including citing the sources used in the preparation of the paper.

The new MLA citation style presented in the seventh edition of the handbook has been incorporated by the Discus vendors into their products in the following ways.

  • Selected Gale products now offer MLA 7 citations, particularly the PowerSearch and InfoTrac databases. Further information can be found in the Gale press release.
  • The citations for the Britannica encyclopedia articles in the Discus collection are fully updated to the new MLA 7 citation rules.
  • Though the ProQuest products – SIRS Discoverer and SIRS Knowledge Source – do not automatically generate citations, they do include source information with all individual results. The SIRS products also provide Citation Guidelines (pdf), complete with examples, that reflect MLA 7 rules.
  • The AccessScience database, provided by McGraw-Hill, currently provides citations in a style that is typical for encyclopedias. Due to popular request, however, McGraw-Hill will soon be providing information about citing the articles in both MLA and APA styles.
  • The Facts On File product known as Ferguson's Career Guidance Center includes citations formatted according to the Chicago Manual of Style for individual results. Facts On File also provides examples of other common styles, including MLA 7.
Questions about citing the Discus resources can be directed to