Introducing a New Feature: Gale's One Search

July 11, 2008 - An exciting new easy-to-understand visual display of search results is now available in the Discus-provided Gale databases with the addition of Gale's One Search.  Accessible from the PowerSearch banner, One Search maps results into categories and displays them graphically, allowing the user to drill down into the categories to find more focused search results.

One Search is a powerful discovery tool because it cross-searches all the Gale databases that are provided by the Discus program, including the databases that operate on the PowerSearch platform as well as those that have not yet moved to PowerSearch.  In addition to quick and efficient searching, One Search also allows results to be filtered, exported and shared.

One Search is a tool that retrieves "best of" information from the entire Discus collection of Gale products.  Use it today and take your research to the next level!