BrainPOP Jr. Access

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The Discus Office has received numerous questions regarding access to BrainPOP, Jr. Some users are understandably confused by the little 'Login' box at the top right of the BrainPOP Jr. homepage.

If the resource is being accessed within a school, a public library, or an academic library, no login should be needed as long as the institution's current IP addresses are on file in the Discus Office. If the IP information is correct, access should be seamless. Accessing BrainPOP, Jr. away from an institution, however, may require the current Discus username and password, which was changed on August 1.

You can determine if the Discus username and password are needed by trying to play one of the videos in BrainPOP Jr. without logging in. If the video plays, then everything else should work because you have been recognized as an authorized user and no additional action on your part is needed. The little box labeled 'Login' should change automatically to 'discus.' If all of this does not happen, you'll have to enter the Discus login credentials when prompted.

The Discus Office is always available for questions regarding any of the resources in the collection. Contact us at: