Aiken County Public School District Students Thank Legislators

New Ellenton Middle School Media Specialist Janice Grathen goes the extra mile when working with her students as they use the Discus resources in their research.  After locating the information they need in a Discus database, the students write thank-you letters to legislators who represent Aiken County in the South Carolina General Assembly.

The thank-you letters include the students’ favorite databases and also specific information found in those resources that proved helpful in completing school projects.  Students express their gratitude for having the Discus resources available in South Carolina by mentioning how much they are used for school assignments and how easy it is to find what they need.

Upon receiving the thank-you letters from the students, both Senator Tom Young and Representative Bill Taylor sent letters of reply to the students, acknowledging the value that the Discus resources provide to public education in South Carolina.

Ms. Grathen’s students at New Ellenton Middle School are learning the research process and are also active participants in a second valuable lesson about public funds, the legislative process, and how they benefit as South Carolina citizens. 

Discus Thank You Letters by scstatelibrary