Gale Location IDs

Each Gale database URL includes a location ID segment. You must select and include the appropriate location ID segment for your institution’s access as explained below.


The Discus Office coordinates a master account for the databases licensed to Discus by Gale. This account is identified as the Discus “Library ID” (or “Institution ID”). Within the Discus Library ID, there are many sub-accounts. Each sub-account is identified by a “location ID” and has a designated “owner.”

Each college and public library system is the owner of a unique location ID within the Discus account. The owner determines the choices for various options that apply to that location ID (ex: home/remote access arrangements, configuration options, delivery of usage reports). Note that usage data is captured and reported by unique location ID and not by IP address(es).

What location ID should I use?

  • For both in-library/on-campus and home/remote access to databases, use your unique location ID.
  • If you have your own method of remote access in place (ex: proxy server, secure referral page or other remote patron authentication system) make arrangements with Gale Technical Support to link that access to your unique location ID by contacting Martin Borg,, (800) 877-4253, ext. 8631.
  • A few colleges and public libraries are also the owners of one or more additional location IDs for their Discus-provided Gale databases. Establishment of multiple location IDs for your Discus-provided Gale databases is generally discouraged because it creates additional management issues for your library. However, those already in existence are considered “grandfathered” and may be retained and used by your institution.
  • Special note on non-Discus Gale databases: If your institution has purchased additional Gale databases, these products will now be included on your Discus-provided location ID and will appear on your Gale Common Menu. Alternatively, if your institution has a second location ID outside of Discus, you can choose to have your Discus-provided databases transferred or added to your non-Discus account. To do so, please contact Gale Technical Support: Martin Borg,, (800) 877-4253, ext. 8631.

For assistance with non-Discus Gale database Web links and product codes, see Gale Direct Product Access Information or contact Martin Borg,, (800) 877-4253, ext. 8631.

Please contact the Discus Office if you have questions about your Gale location IDs or accounts.